Dominique Santens,  CEO & owner at Parcolys Flooring NV

“Johan was like a rock you can count on.

On marketing he is very good in gathering information and presenting it in an accesible and thorough overview. 

On sales he is very target driven and customer oriented. 

As a colleague very pleasurable and a real teamplayer

kind regards, Dominique”


Yves Struyve, Manager at D-fence

“Johan is very dedicated to his work. Johan is strong in positioning a product in the market. He is straightforward, honest and correct. You can count on him.

Feel free to contact me for more details”


Veerle De Brauwere, Office Manager at Certifisc BVBA

“Johan is a true professional in his field of work and has excellent people-managing skills that allow him to motivate the entire group to reach the same goals. “

Johan is highly respected among his colleagues.”


Stefan Vandendijk,  Technology Manager at Purolator Advanced Filtration

“Johan was and is very dedicated person and easy to work with.”


Ann Lacres, Coach (ACC) | Team Facilitator | Consultant

“Johan is a very professional, client-focused person, with very strong analytical skills. I mostly appreciate his positive and motivated approach in obtaining the best results. He is someone you can rely on and it was a real pleasure to work with him!”


Des Collins, Director of Public Affairs, Continental AG

"Johan worked on my team at Bridgestone as Head of Marketing. I found him to be reliable, hard working and creative. At that time we were launching new products to the European market with relatively small budgets. Johan made a great success. I was very sorry when he decided to move on to different challenges outside the company, but I understand that he has added a lot of diverse experience to what was already a solid background. I would be happy to work with Johan again and can easily recommend him for Marketing and Business development".


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